Most of the popular Chinese concept stocks rose on Tuesday, Baidu rose more than 12%, and iQiyi rose more than 6%|Chinese concept stocks_Sina

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  Most of the popular Chinese concept stocks rose on Tuesday, and the Nasdaq Golden Dragon Index closed up 2.35%.

Yueshang Group rose by more than 33%, Zhihu rose by more than 32%, Quhuo rose by more than 26%, Lizhi rose by more than 21%,golden sunEducation rose by more than 19%, UT Starcom rose by more than 13%, Baidu rose by more than 12%, Atour Group rose by more than 10%, China Green Agriculture rose by more than 8%, Mogujie rose by more than 7%, Cheetah Mobile, Shengwang, iQiyi, 36Kr, Mingchuang Youpin, etc. rose by more than 6%, Financial One Account, Huanju Group, Wanguo Data, Tuniu, Huazhu Hotel Group, Yihang rose by more than 5%, Shell, Leju, Fanhua Financial Holdings, Zhiwen Group, Yankong Technology, Qilian International, Jiuzhou Pharmacy, Ninth City, BOSS Zhipin, Bright Scholar, Lufax Holdings, etc. rose more than 4%.

9F fell by more than 12%, Kuke Music fell by more than 11%, Dunxin Financial, Baosheng Technology fell by more than 9%, Mavericks Electric, Daily Fresh fell by more than 7%, Jiuzi Xinneng, Ucommune, Fell more than 6%, Best Group, Genetron Health, ejia Express, Zhifu Finance, Yingxi Group, Yingfeng Technology, Bit Mining, etc. fell more than 5%, Ocean River Securities,Chinese medicineHoldings Co., Ltd., China Network Zaixian, Huafu Education, Nenglian Smart Electric, Kaixin Auto, etc. fell more than 4%.

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U.S. stocks closed higher on Tuesday. Investors continued to assess U.S. stock earnings and awaited Biden’s upcoming State of the Union address, his second in office, which analysts generally expect will be the economy. Powell said the strong non-farm payrolls report showed the Fed needed to continue raising interest rates, but he said inflation was cooling and would move lower “significantly”.

  The Dow rose 265.67 points, or 0.78%, to 34156.69; the Nasdaq rose 226.34 points, or 1.90%, to 12113.79; the S&P 500 rose 52.92 points, or 1.29%, to 4164.00.

  List of leading Chinese concept stocks:

  List of stocks leading the decline:

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