Most of the popular Chinese concept stocks fell on Monday. iQiyi fell more than 6%, and Bilibili fell more than 4%|Chinese concept stocks_Sina

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  Most of the popular Chinese concept stocks fell on Monday, and the Nasdaq Golden Dragon Index closed down about 1.9%.

Secoo rose by more than 124%, Jiuzi Xinneng rose by more than 16%, Wanchun Medicine rose by more than 12%, Fulang Group rose by more than 9%, and Infobird Software rose by more than 8%.ORGThe seed industry rose by more than 7%, Yunji rose by more than 6%, Yueshang Group rose by more than 5%, Xinyuan Real Estate, Moxian, Ningsheng International, Santeng Technology, Hongen, and Jiufu rose by more than 4%. Yale Technology, Novartis Furniture, ATA, etc. rose more than 3%.

Qilian International and China Automobile Systems fell by more than 16%, Ambow Education fell by more than 14%, UTStarcom and Tuniu fell by more than 12%, Yitong Education and Gaotu fell by more than 10%, ejiakuaifu and Boqii Pets fell More than 9%, Lexin, Fangduoduo, Uxin, China Network Zaixian, and UCloud fell more than 8%, Lufax Holdings, Netease Youdao, Atour Group, Bright Scholar, Canaan Technology, Xiaoying Technology Others fell more than 7%, and Douyu, Jinshan Cloud, Zhifu Capital, Su Xuantang, Suntech, Wanguo Data, iQiyi, Yangang Pearl, etc. fell more than 6%.

U.S. stocks closed lower for the second consecutive session on Monday. Rising U.S. Treasury yields rattled market sentiment. Investors focused on U.S. stock earnings and awaited an important speech from Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell tomorrow. U.S. Treasury yields continued to climb Monday afternoon, with the benchmark 10-year yield rising about 10 basis points to 3.632%. The 2-year yield rose 16 basis points to 4.456%.

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  The Dow fell 34.99 points, or 0.10%, to 33891.02; the Nasdaq fell 119.50 points, or 1.00%, to 11887.45; the S&P 500 fell 25.40 points, or 0.61%, to 4111.08.

  List of leading Chinese concept stocks:

  List of stocks leading the decline:

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