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Most Effective Vaccines Prevent Infectious Diseases

JawaPos.com – In the midst of society, there are still some who do not understand the importance of vaccines to prevent infectious diseases. This makes the need for continuous and continuous socialization of vaccines.

The ability of vaccines to build immunity against a certain disease such as Covid-19 makes it the most effective tool for preventing transmission. In the Productive Dialogue with the theme “Vaccines as Health Preventive Planning” which was held recently by the Committee for Handling Covid-19 and National Economic Recovery (KPCPEN) recently, dr. Dirga Sakti Rambe, a vaccinologist as well as an internal medicine specialist, explained that each vaccine has different effectiveness.

Then, he also explained, vaccines would not get permission if their effectiveness was low. “For the Covid-19 vaccine, WHO sets the effectiveness of at least 50 percent. We hope that the existing vaccines will have a higher effectiveness than the figures set by WHO, “he explained.

Vaccines as a means of public health intervention during a pandemic are urgently needed. In addition to this disease being dangerous to health, the symptoms of being infected with Covid-19 can be so minimal that patients do not realize they have been infected. This has resulted in many Covid-19 patients being treated late or receiving treatment when their symptoms and conditions worsen.

“There are a lot of symptoms caused by Covid-19, therefore we are always aware of whatever our bodies feel. Don’t feel well because you don’t have a fever. Even though there are symptoms of being infected with Covid-19 apart from fever, ”said dr. Twindy Rarasati, a doctor who is also a Covid-19 survivor on the same occasion.

Dr. Driga stated that it would be a mistake to think that vaccines were useless. Because according to him, vaccines train the immune system to be able to produce antibodies. And another vaccine has advantages that other preventive measures do not, namely vaccines provide specific protection.

“That is why many doctors and experts claim that vaccines are effective as a means of preventing Covid-19 transmission, apart from continuing to be disciplined in applying 3M (wearing masks, washing hands, and maintaining a safe distance),” he continued.

Then, correct information related to health protocols and vaccines is necessary for the community to be updated continuously. The Covid-19 vaccine is a hope for efforts to reduce the spread of Covid-19.

The public is asked to believe that the vaccine that is prepared is safe and effective because it must first obtain a permit for use from the Food and Drug Supervisory Agency (BPOM), after previously going through a long research process including a clinical trial stage that ensures its safety and effectiveness.

“If there is a permit (for use), there is no need to hesitate anymore. If the permit exists and the government asks us to vaccinate, we will immediately work on it together. So far, from the results of clinical trials related to safety, there is no record of serious side effects regarding the safety of this vaccine, “said dr. Dirga.

Information that is correct and comes from trusted sources in the health sector needs to be conveyed to the public. This prevents people from getting caught up in misleading hoax news.

Editor: Banu Adikara

Reporter: Rian Alfianto, ARM

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