Moscow demanded an explanation from Paris after publications about Putin’s conversation with Macron

Moscow is waiting for an explanation from Paris about the new leak of the content of the conversation between Russian President Vladimir Putin and French leader Emmanuel Macron in the French media. There it was reported that the Russian leader allegedly asked Macron to produce the Russian vaccine at French facilities, reports “Kommersant” citing diplomatic sources.

The Kremlin was outraged by the publication in an article by the French edition of Challenges, in which, citing a source, it was reported that Putin had asked, in a telephone conversation with Macron on November 7, to establish production of the Russian Sputnik V vaccine at French facilities. The publication reported that the French president declined to give a direct answer. The source of the publication interpreted this request as “weakness” of Russia, which consists in “lack of production capacity.”

According to the interlocutor of the publication, the publication of such information “is not provided for by international protocol and diplomatic etiquette.” The Kremlin suggested that “certain circles” opposing constructive Russian-French relations are interested in the appearance of such information in Paris. “These circles are busy creating a toxic atmosphere around everything related to Russia. We hope that appropriate assessments of what is happening will be given by the Elysee Palace and the French authorities, ”the source said.

He added that the Kremlin does not believe that the leak was initiated by the Macron administration. “Of particular concern is the author’s assertion, citing an unnamed ‘diplomatic source’, about the authenticity of the material. In fact, the media again leaked the deliberately distorted content of the talks between the heads of state, ”the source said.

A statement from the Kremlin press service on November 7 about the conversation between Putin and Macron said that the parties discussed the situation in Nagorno-Karabakh, the fight against terrorism, the settlement of the conflict in eastern Ukraine, as well as cooperation in the fight against the pandemic.

Earlier today, the press secretary of the President of Russia Dmitry Peskov said that only “some companies” are experiencing difficulties with the production of a vaccine against coronavirus. At the same time, Putin himself during the investment forum “VTB Capital “” Russia Calling “October 29 statedthat the main problem with mass production is the “presence or absence” of certain equipment. It is known that the issue of the production of the Russian vaccine is being considered Germany, Turkey, South Korea and a number of other countries. France was not officially mentioned in this context.



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