Moroccan Artist Wins Copyright Battle Against The Chemical Brothers

Moroccan Artist Wins Copyright Battle Against The Chemical Brothers

Morocco – Radwan Gharbouz

Posted on: September 24, 2023: 11:01 PM GST Last updated: September 24, 2023: 11:21 PM GST

After a 10-year wait, Moroccan artist Najat Atabou won a legal battle against a British band in a copyright case dating back to 2005.

The case began when the Moroccan artist filed a complaint with the International Court in The Hague, against the famous British band The Chemical Brothers, which used the music of Najat Atabou’s song, “Hadi is a clear lie,” in her song Galvanize.

As a result of this judicial ruling, the name of the Moroccan artist was added to the final version of the song “Galvanize”, sharing the copyright of the song, which won a number of international awards and topped the list of the top 10 songs in the United Kingdom for weeks, while the number of views on the platform exceeded YouTube to date has approximately 99 million.

It is noteworthy that the song “Hadi is a clear lie” is one of the famous songs in Morocco, and one of the masterpieces of the star of the Moroccan popular song, Najat Atabou, through which she excelled with great brilliance. In many music festivals, radio stations, and evening events over many years.

The Moroccan artist will benefit every time the song “Galvanize” is used on the radio, television, or at a festival, as the Moroccan artist “Najat Atabou” will now have the right to receive royalties and financial compensation for the use of her original work incorporated into the song “Da Chimical.” Bradders,” as the court ruling deemed her a participant in the production of the international song belonging to the British duo.

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