Morning exercises: SAVERS method

The SAVERS Method was created by Hal Elrod, a writer, lecturer and successful “coach” born in the United States in 1979. This method is explained in his book “The Miraculous Morning” and consists of six practices that, according to the author, allow us to begin the path of personal development for improve all aspects of life. SAVERS is actually an acronym formed by the initials of each of these practices. Do you want to meet them? Keep reading!


  • S for silence. It is based on meditation or prayer, according to the beliefs of each one. The goal is to achieve a calm and quiet awakening,
  • A of affirmations. It is the application of one of the most effective personal development tools, which is to make affirmations to take each area of ​​life to a higher level.
  • V of visualizations. Another personal development tool, creative visualization, which seeks to generate positive results by creating mental images of the expected results.
  • E for exercise. Morning exercise helps maintain high energy levels throughout the day.
  • R (read) read. He proposes to read expert books on the aspects that they wish to transform.
  • S (Script) write. It consists of spending a few minutes writing a newspaper as one of the most useful and rewarding practices.

Example of applying the SAVERS method

According to specialists applying the SAVERS method, it’s a great way to start your day. However everything must be done with planning. No matter how much time you spend on it, you should do it in the morning and on a planned basis.

A practical example

Take a look at this 60-minute example:

  • Silence: 5 minutes. Dedicate them to a calm and stress-free awakening. Avoid alarm clocks, get up carefully, prepare your body and mind for the day that begins. Practice some relaxation, meditation, deep breathing, or prayer, depending on your preferences.
  • Affirmations: 5 minutes. It involves putting the mind positive. Recite positive affirmations about what is good for you or about the best aspects of your personality.
  • Viewing: 5 minutes. Visualize the things that will happen during the day and how they would turn out if they were successful. It is a classic technique used by different methods of personal development, especially by athletes and athletes.
  • Exercise: 20 minutes. Do stretching exercises, slow and harmonious muscle movements, or walk on the treadmill or pedal on the stationary bike.
  • Reading: 20 minutes. Read something inspiring, something that makes sense to you. Especially don’t torture yourself with the morning news.
  • Writing: 5 minutes. The important thing is to write slowly and consciously. Are you not used to writing and even less with a pen and paper? Is not difficult. Start with three words. Three actions that you will carry out during the day. More words will naturally begin to flow!
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Did you know the SAVERS method? Tell us about your experience!

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