Morgan Freeman joins the campaign to promote vaccination against Covid-19 | VIDEO

Morgan Freeman is one of the great movie stars in Hollywood and the favorite artist of entire generations, so he did not hesitate to join a campaign that encourages vaccination against Covid-19 worldwide.

Vaccination campaign

The actor is part of the campaign carried out by the associations The Creative Coalition and National Blue Ribbon Task Force, whose objective is to invite and motivate people to get vaccinated against the coronavirus to end the chain of infections.

I am here to tell you that I trust the science and that’s why I received the vaccine. If you trust me, you’re going to get vaccinated. In mathematics it is called a proportional distribution. In people we call it caring for each other. Vacnate, is part of what the actor says in the video.

In addition, the actor who participates in important films such as The Bucket List and Dreams in Flight, pointed out that the vaccine is a way to return to normality and to be able to enjoy our loved ones.

Famous promote vaccination

Both in Mexico and in USA some celebrities have received the vaccine and have also invited their followers and fans to do the same, once the opportunity comes.

In the United States celebrities such as Jeff Goldblum, Jessica Chastain, Amy Shumer and Ryan Reynolds, are some of those who shared the moment they received the anticovid vaccine, even this last joke about it indicating that they had received 5G.

In Mexico, celebrities are not far behind and some have already received the coronavirus vaccine, such as Vernica Castro, Juan Jos Origel, Enrique Guzmn, Talina Fernndez, Pedrito Sola and Silvia Pinal.

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