Morena proposes that INEGI enter houses and control wealth

Editor’s Note: In a first version of this note, the term “supervise” was used to describe the proposal of Morena’s national leader. The term was changed, since the proposal is that INEGI can measure the concentration of wealth, not control it.

The President of Morena, Alfonso Ramírez Cuéllar, proposed legislative changes so that INEGI has the constitutional power to enter the houses of citizens to review the real estate and financial heritage, in order to measure the concentration of wealth.

He proposed that the body also have access to the accounts of the Tax Administration Service (SAT), and to stock market and financial information of each citizen.

The Morenoite leader maintained that INEGI must present every two years a report that accounts for the wealth of each person in order to measure inequality and concentration of wealth.

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He added that the measurement of income and expenditure of Mexican families by deciles is no longer sufficient, as INEGI currently does.

“The National Institute of Statistics and Geography (INEGI) must have the constitutional power to measure the concentration of wealth in our country. We have billions of dollars that constitute totally unobserved wealth.

It is no longer just about accounting for the income and expenses of families and individuals. Measuring poverty in Mexico is a great advance (but) it is now urgently required to also measure inequality and the concentration of wealth, ”he said in a statement.

“The information by deciles is good. But it is required to decompose the composition of the X (tenth) decile and see the components and the strata that comprise it. INEGI must enter, without any legal impediment, to review the real estate and financial assets of all people. Every two years it must account for the results of all the assets that each Mexican has. INEGI must also have access to the accounts of the Tax Administration Service and to all the financial and stock market information of individuals ”.

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Ramírez Cuéllar said that this proposal arose from an analysis carried out by Morena and specialists in politics and economics in the face of the health emergency and with the aim of forging new rules of coexistence based on well-being.

The partisan leader also proposed a tax reform based on fiscal progressivity and strengthen the Federal Commission on Economic Competition (Cofece) to guarantee the repair of damage to consumers affected by market distortions.

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