Morel · Theoretical And Practical Commentary On The Law Of December 10, 1874 On Maritime Mortgage (Paperback Book) (2016)

Theoretical and practical commentary on the law of December 10, 1874 on maritime mortgages; preceded by a Study on the legal character of maritime property…; and followed by an appendix containing the text of the articles of the Merchant Shipping Act of 1854 and 1855, and of the Italian Commercial Code… / by Tranquille Morel, …
Date of original publication: 1875

This book is part of a heritage conservation policy for works of French literature implemented with the BNF.
HACHETTE LIVRE and the BNF thus offer a catalog of unavailable titles, the BNF having digitized these works and HACHETTE LIVRE printing them on demand.
Some of these works reflect currents of thought characteristic of their time, but which today would be considered reprehensible.
They nevertheless belong to the history of ideas in France and are likely to be of scientific or historical interest.
The meaning of our editorial approach is thus to allow access to these works without our endorsing the content in any way.

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