More than twenty soldiers buried after landslide in Vi …

A landslide in Central Vietnam buried 22 soldiers on Sunday morning. Rescue workers are feverishly looking for the missing soldiers, local media reports. Some bodies have already been brought out.

The facts took place in Quang Tri province. There have been several landslides. The soldiers were surprised when they were on inspection to assess the risks of new landslides. Authorities continue to fear new landslides. According to Vietnamese media, rescuers have already retrieved eight bodies from under the mud and rubble.

Earlier this week, 13 people were buried, when 30 tried to rescue those caught by surprise by a landslide near a power plant. The center of Vietnam has been dealing with heavy rainfall for more than two weeks. With the eight soldiers recovered, the death toll of the storm has risen to 72 since October 6, the disaster response service reports.


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