More than a million trees have been planted in the forests of Riga – in Riga

In the forests of Riga and its surroundings, 1,115,242 trees were planted in the spring, which is slightly more than last year.

Reforestation works took place this spring in all forest forests of Riga, restoring a total forest area of ​​almost 400 ha.

The largest area – 172 ha of forest – was restored in Tīreļi forestry, while 102 ha of forest was planted in Gauja forestry.

A new forest in the area of ​​65.69 ha has been planted in Daugava forestry, 41.4 ha in Katrīna forestry.

Pine dominates the reforestation in 2021 – it covers 69% of the new forest area. It is followed by spruce – 18%, birch – 8% and black alder – almost 5%. Tree planting works will continue in autumn.

Forests in the city and its surroundings improve the quality and microclimate of the urban environment, as well as provide recreation opportunities for the population, therefore the forest areas managed by Riga Forests are preserved, the felled areas are restored, regularly maintained and protected, thus taking care of new and high-quality forest growth. The company provides the planting material itself by growing seeds in the nursery “Norupe”. They are obtained from pine, spruce, birch, black alder and oak seed plantations established next to the nursery. Up to 2.5 million seedlings are grown from them in the Norupe nursery every year.


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