More than a hundred ‘pilgrims’ in the night walk of the Friends of the Camino de Santiago de Palencia | Radio Palencia | Present

More than a hundred “pilgrims” Coming, not only from Carrión and the region, but from the entire province of Palencia, they enjoyed a Jacobean tour that, as has been carried out for years by the Association of Friends of the Camino de Santiago de Palencia held on Saturday night the 10th, departing from the Plaza Mayor in Carrión de los Condes. The already traditional and curious activity “Walking under the stars”It is a night walk along the section of the Camino de Santiago that runs between the Jacobean enclaves of Carrión de los Condes and the Fuente del “Hospitalejo”, where an important Pilgrim Hospital was established during the Middle Ages. This section which in turn coincides with the ancient Via Romana Aquitana.

In addition to the pilgrimage, and given the date of this activity, the “walkers” hoped to be able to enjoy the Perseids, or popularly known as “Tears of San Lorenzo”, although in this edition they were barely visible, since the sky was totally covered although, fortunately, it did not rain, despite the forecast weather forecast.

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