More than a billion injected businesses spur the high season. ready to compete on the “Global Countdown” stage

Another important highlight is countdown On New Year’s Eve, December 31st, welcome the new year on January 1st, when the COVID-19 situation unravels around the world, reopening the city to a more normal way of life. For the first time ever, celebrations can take place without limits!

Of course, as we have been dealing with the COVID crisis since 2020, this year’s countdown will be “Big event of the year” The business sector and allies join forces to organize a major event bigger than ever.

Suphot Chaiwatsirikul Chief Executive Officer of the company Siam icon Co., Ltd. said that it has invested more than 100 million baht this year to create a big phenomenon to welcome the New Year. Presented as a gift to Thais and tourists from around the world who visit during the year-end tourist season and on New Year’s Eve nights amidst the scenery along the Chao Phraya River as part of the event’Amazing Thailand 2023 Countdown” On 31 Dec.

“ICONSIAM unites to honor this historic Chao Phraya River in the eyes of foreigners. To be a top tourist destination in the world. Emphasizing the Chao Phraya River as a global countdown destination, a landmark of New Year celebrations nationwide which it is famous all over the world and must be visited by people from all over the world”.

More than a billion injected businesses spur the high season.  ready to compete on stage

However Siam icon Together with Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT), Bangkok (Bangkok), Department of Navy, Royal Thai Navy, Thai Chamber of Commerce and Board of Trade of Thailand Chao Phraya River Trade Association Community Foundation in Kadi Chin – Khlong area San and the Thailand Photographic Society under the royal patronage and private partners to create work “Amazing Thailand 2023 Countdown” Along with highlights and entertainment activities that bring happiness and hope back to the hearts of Thai people and people from all over the world.

More than a billion injected businesses spur the high season.  ready to compete on stage

There will be a 1,400-meter-long fireworks display, the longest at the bend of the Chao Phraya River, totaling more than 30,000 flowers under the concept of “The Power of the Thai Heart”. Great spell the world, Win the World for Thailand” is the first time of the Hybrid World Countdown, which combines the technology of the virtual world with the real world. which is integrated with AR or augmented reality technology, conveying the meaning of each stage of the fireworks through ONESIAM SuperAPP, opening up a new experience of watching the fireworks

“Thailand and Bangkok countdown 2023” Times Square Asia at Central World

In the big mall in central Bangkok”The centre of the world under Central Pattana Public Company Limited in cooperation with Tourism Authority of Thailand Ratchaprasong Area Traders Association (RSTA) and allies Madam Fin Suntory PepsiCo Beverage (Thailand) Boon Rawd Trading Toyota Motor Thailand Chang International Advance Info Service Thai Hua Onda and BEC World are hosting a world-class countdown event”Countdown Thailand and Bangkok 2023″ which was dubbed as Times Square of Asia Emphasizing that it is the best holiday destination in the world for people from all over the world as well.

More than a billion injected businesses spur the high season.  ready to compete on stage

The “Thailand & Bangkok Countdown 2023” event was fully organized to welcome Thai people and tourists from all over the world who came to celebrate the countdown to the new era together in grand magnificence. strengthen Thailand as a destination for world-class festival celebrations To stimulate the economy at the end of the year and promote Thailand’s image as a global celebration destination.

Be filled with happiness with 7 world countdown highlights, carpet events and various events both inside and outside the mall. Continuing to countdown day, countdown to the end of the year

Awaken the color of the economic road

Sukhumvit Road Economic Area”True Digital Park” Inventing a Landmark to Celebrate Happiness Festival “TRUE HAPPINESS PARK” by Jirapong Pipattanaphiwong, President of Whizdom Landmark Corporation Co., Ltd. said that 101 True Digital Park Mall and partner stores create a happy atmosphere ready to welcome the year 2023 with the concept of a cosmic, advanced, modern Christmas like no other. This is in line with being the largest digital innovation hub in Southeast Asia. Support social lines, including Facebook, Instagram, Tik Tok, which will have characters. He has the appearance of wearing AR / VR glasses, and the Drummer-Boy Drones travel across dimensions to deliver happiness to Thai people.

More than a billion injected businesses spur the high season.  ready to compete on stage

The celebratory mood starts from True Digital Park at Skywalk, BTS Punnawithi, all the way to True Digital Park, including the new building extension, West Phase 2. Meet the Christmas tree, a symbol of happiness. shows throughout the project area.

He points out that Bangkok is the number one popular destination that tourists from all over the world want to visit.

Natthakit Tangpoonsinthana Executive Vice President Marketing Division, Central Pattana Public Company Limited, also said that at present, traffic in shopping malls across the country In particular, tourist traffic is back to almost 100%, in line with a recent survey by Agoda indicating that Bangkok has been chosen as the number 1 destination that travelers from all over the world want to visit the most.

“Central Pattana is ready to promote and strengthen Thailand as a world-class benchmark. with the strength of branches across the country which is a global trend at the end of this year Everyone is ready and planning their trip as best they can.”

While 90% of Thais plan to travel to the country. to relax with family and choose tourist attractions mainly based on the convenience of travel build forward “tourism ecosystem” of Central Pattana through a nationwide branch network will help stimulate the economy both domestically and internationally. great

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