More than 7 Adults Have No Intention of Buying Sony’s ‘Project Q’ Streaming Handheld for PS5: Poll Results and Potential Competitors

According to foreign media statistics, more than 7 adults have no intention of buying Project Q. It is rumored that Sony Nintendo may have a new handheld. Wait for it|Sony unveiled the new PS5 peripheral hardware “Project Q” at the “State of Play” online conference held earlier. It is a dedicated streaming handheld for PS5. After the announcement of this handheld, it has attracted the attention and discussion of many players. Earlier, some media launched a poll to ask players if they are interested in buying Project Q.

The Game Awards Twitter voted more than 7 adults had no intention of buying Project Q

Sony unveiled the new PS5 peripheral hardware “Project Q” in the “State of Play” online conference held earlier, which is a streaming handheld dedicated to PS5; after the conference, the Annual Game Awards will be held every year The organization “The Game Awards” published a voting post on Twitter, asking netizens whether they would buy Project Q, which is rumored to be launched at the end of this year. Among the 22,000 votes, 76% said they had no intention of buying Project Q at this stage, nearly 15% said they hadn’t decided yet, and less than 10% said they would buy.

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4 major disadvantages of the number of Internet users

Although Project Q has not yet been officially launched, netizens have begun to count its shortcomings. First, there is the issue of battery life. According to previous leaks, the battery life of Project Q is only 4 hours. In addition, some netizens think that the design of the mobile phone that needs to be connected to the Internet for a long time is unreasonable. Some netizens also criticize that it needs PS5 to use, bundled sales methods, and its functions are not as good as other portable game consoles such as Steam Deck or ROG ALLY.

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According to the reporter’s personal opinion, if the price of Project Q is pleasant, it will still be attractive to users who already have PS5. After all, it is very attractive to play on the bed or sofa. It’s just that the peripheral hardware of PS5 is expensive. For example, the “Pro Switch” Dual Sense Edge costs close to HK$1,600. It is estimated that Project Q may be close to HK$3,000 or even more expensive.

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Qualcomm, Sony, and the old Ren have no hope for a new handheld

At the Computex 2023 conference in Taiwan at the time of writing, chipmaker Qualcomm revealed that they had held talks with PlayStation and Nintendo about future portable gaming devices. According to Alex Katouzian, senior vice president of Qualcomm, both PlayStation and Nintendo value Qualcomm’s huge influence in the Android market and are interested in expanding its handheld gaming capabilities.

Although the three parties have not yet reached a cooperation, it can be said that “there is no one in ten plans”, but it is not impossible for Sony or Nintendo to use Qualcomm processors (Snapdragon, etc.) to launch new handheld products in the future.

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Project Q = dedicated streaming handheld for PS5

“Project Q” is a streaming mobile phone dedicated to PS5, which can be used to play PS5 games through Remote Play; in other words, players must own a PS5 to use Project Q. Project Q has an 8-inch screen and supports all functions of the Dual Sense controller. In addition, PlayStation’s official Bluetooth in-ear headset Earbuds was also announced; however, the prices and release dates of the two new hardware products were not announced.

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