More than 50 people killed in a shipwreck on the Congo River

Photo: France 24

People die regularly on the Congo River

Search and rescue operations continue, but hopes of finding survivors are dwindling.

An improvised ship wrecked on the Congo River. 51 people were killed, 69 more are missing. This was announced by the TV channel the day before. France 24.

According to Nestor Magbado, the spokesman for the governor of Mongala province of the Democratic Republic of the Congo, the number of missing is an estimate based on the capacity of the boat. The ship consisted of nine traditional wooden canoes, known as pies, tied together.

Magbado said 39 people survived. Search and rescue operations continue, he said, but hopes that more survivors can be found are fading.

The cause of the accident could have been “congestion exacerbated by bad weather” at night. Provincial authorities announced three days of mourning Monday.

Formerly in Congo 11 people drowned in Lake Tanganyika when the boat capsizes. 62 people were able to get ashore. At the same time, the exact number of people in the boat was not established.

And in Nigeria on the river the ship capsized with a hundred passengers on board. Then at least 28 people died.

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