Health more than 4.3 million French people already infected, the...

more than 4.3 million French people already infected, the number of confirmed cases on the rise


Nearly 7% of the population of metropolitan France (6.7% exactly) was infected with SARS-CoV-2 before mid-April, i.e. 4,368,000 people, according to the public health agency Santé Publique France (SpF) which alert on increased circulation of the virus.

In France, – with the exception of Mayenne where several clusters have appeared, Guyana and Mayotte, both of which are currently very affected by the epidemic – there is a “new trend towards an increase in the circulation of the SARS virus -COV-2 “, even if it is” at a low level “, notes SpF.

Last week, the number of confirmed infection cases (+ 14%), the rate of new cases and the number of SOS physician acts for suspected Covid-19 were up from the previous week. In addition, the number of effective reproduction (“effective R”, based on positive virological tests) in France was greater than 1.

Upward trend

If on average an infected person infects less than one, the epidemic regresses, if he infects two others (R = 2), the epidemic spreads, if he infects one (R = 1), the epidemic is maintained, explains Sophie Vaux of SpF.

“Last week, in mainland France, this R was 1.05, slightly higher than 1, and up on the previous week; which is in line with a trend towards an increase in the circulation of the virus “, she adds.

In addition, “there is an increasing trend in the numbers of new confirmed cases, but which remains moderate,” she adds. “We are not talking about a case explosion, but there is a shudder that calls for vigilance. “

“Absolutely what we should avoid”

Especially since prevention is decreasing in the population and that summer vacation are likely to encourage risky behaviors and family and friendly reunions. Among the 68 clusters (Covid-19 households) under investigation on July 8, 20% concerned the extended family (several family households).

“We really are at a time when we have factors likely to favor the resumption of the epidemic and that is absolutely what we must avoid, “she continues, citing the example of Mayenne, where in a few weeks there has been a very strong increase in cases.

In this department (Loire region), massive screening is underway after the appearance of six clusters, one of which spreads among the population. In contrast, in the other two regions with R greater than 1, New Aquitaine and PACA, there is no alert after analysis, according to the health agency.


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