More than 20,000 people died last year from coronavirus | NOW

In 2020, many more people will have died from the corona virus than expected. The Central Bureau of Statistics (CBS) reports on Wednesday that at least 20,030 people died last year as a result of a corona infection.

Of these, 17,357 people died from established COVID-19, the disease caused by the corona virus. The coronavirus was the suspected cause of death in 2,673 others.

Almost 11,500 deaths had been reported to the RIVM up to December 31. It was already known that the actual death toll was higher. For example, not everyone was tested during the first wave. An unknown number of people died of COVID-19 without it being established that they had the virus.

It may also be the case that some deaths of positively tested people have not been reported to the RIVM. Until Tuesday, the official death toll stood at 16,659.

Peak in April last year

Just over 10,000 people died in the first corona wave. The peak was in April last year. Then 4,864 people died from established COVID-19 and another 1,505 from suspected infection. Few people died from the corona virus in the summer, with a total of 92 corona deaths in July.

In the fall, the second wave started and the number of deaths increased again. Between the end of September and the turn of the year, more than 9,900 people died of a corona infection. More than half of the deceased received long-term care. Those people lived in a nursing home, for example.

Statistics Netherlands bases the death toll on daily reports from every municipality about the number of deceased residents, and on statements from doctors about causes of death. The figures are not yet definitive, Statistics Netherlands will publish an update in June.

CBS: 20 thousand people died from the corona virus last year


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