More than 200 detainees in unauthorized protests in Belarus

Unauthorized protests against the regime of authoritarian President Alexander Lukashenko are taking place in Minsk and elsewhere in Belarus on Sunday, with more than 200 people detained.

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According to the human rights organization Vyasna (Spring), 253 people have been detained so far, most of them in Minsk, but also in Borovlan, Brest, Grodno, Lakovich, Novopolotsk, Pinsk and Zaslavl.

However, the number of detainees is expected to be higher as new detainees are constantly informed.

Local unauthorized protests take place in various districts of Minsk, mostly by setting up columns and marching. According to eyewitnesses, light and noise grenades were used against protesters in several places. Mobile internet services were disrupted in the city for most of the day.

Protests against the Lukashenko regime in Belarus have continued since the August 9 presidential election. Lukashenko was declared the winner, but the opposition accuses the regime of widespread falsification of the election results and demands Lukashenko’s resignation.

The European Union has imposed sanctions on those responsible for falsifying the results of the presidential election in Belarus and suppressing protests, and has stated that it does not consider Lukashenko a legitimate president.

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