More than 180 counterfeit items seized in the markets of Oriñón and Laredo | SER Castro Urdiales

The Civil Guard has proceeded to the investigation of proceedings as investigated to five men between 31 and 54 years of age and residents of Santander, Santoña, El Astillero and Guarnizo, as alleged perpetrators of a crime against industrial property, by intervening more than 180 articles with counterfeit trademarks.

Within the services that the Civil Guard performs for the control of patents and trademarks, a device for the verification of the merchandise for sale at the weekly markets in Oriñón and Laredo.

During the different inspections carried out, between 11 a.m. and 12:30 p.m., the merchandise that five of the vendors had on display to the public in different positions. In the five inspections, T-shirts, jackets, sweatshirts, polo shirts, shirts, sneakers and bags were found, including leading sports brands.

After analyzing them, the agents proceeded to intervene as trademarks were allegedly falsified, estimating a economic damage for firms that would be around 58,000 euros, value of original garments and for sale in store.

The items were deposited in the Laredo Civil Guard offices at judicial disposal. This action was carried out by members of the Fiscal and Border Patrols of the Civil Guard of Laredo and Santoña.

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