More than 100 films in person and online – Riga IFF full program announced

Riga International Film Festival (Riga IFF) in a full program, which will screen more than 100 films in 10 thematic sections, including five competition programs. As reported, Riga IFF will take place this year from October 14 to 24.

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According to “Delfi” festival organizers, live screenings will take place in “green mode” (presenting a document confirming the fact of Covid-19 vaccination or illness) – in the cinema “Splendid Palace”, as well as in the Ziedonis Hall of the National Library of Latvia. In turn, most guests of the festival will be able to watch most of the program online from anywhere in the territory of Latvia.

For the first time in the history of the festival, several face-to-face sessions will also take place in Riga IFF branches outside Riga – in Madona, shopping center “Vidzeme” and Valmiermuiža.

This year, the festival’s slogan is “There is Always Time.” or “Time is always.” This is also reflected in the curators’ choices, which include in the program sections both works that masterfully twist the threads of the past and the future, as well as paraphrases about the present, possible visions of the past and the future.

“Time has no objective limits, it is absolute, at the same time unpredictable in form and content. What matters is how we fill time. Cinema can stop, slow down, shift time, it can tell and explain time, but never empty it. For the cinema experience of the festival – an adventure that expands consciousness and sharpens the mind, collectively or individually – it is your choice, we will take care of both, “wishes Liene Treimane, the head of Riga IFF.

The festival will be opened on October 14 by a film that brings together Latvian filmmakers (co-producers – VFS Films, co-author of the script – Dāvis Sīmanis, cameraman – Valdis Celmiņš) and a legendary film dynasty – “I was born Rosellīni”. The documentary, made by Alessandro Rosellini, the grandson of the influential Italian neorealist director Roberto Rosellini, outlines almost a hundred years of creativity, under the influence of the “artistic patriarch”, also illuminating the shadows of the life of his heirs. Part of the film’s international team will be present at the opening evening, and the next day, October 15, those interested will be offered the opportunity to meet them in person. The opening session also introduces the retrospective program “The Rossellinis and the Century”.

Riga IFF’s “Festival Section” program includes films that have been praised at 16 European and world film festivals. Among the selected films is the film “Anete” by French film “giant” Leos Caraks – a psychedelic and opera-minded musical with Adam Driver and Marion Cotiary starring. The screening of “Anete” was the opening event of this year’s Cannes Film Festival and the work received the Best Director Award. The program also includes Ves Anderson’s latest film “French Journal, Supplement to Liberty, Kansas Evening Sun”, while the extreme limits of the cinema format will once again be tested by French cinema. enfant terrible Gaspars Noah, whose main role in the visually expressive “Lux Æterna” is Charlotte Gainesburg. According to the organizers of the festival, the actress will also appear in the chamber drama “Suzanna Andlere”.

There will be 10 films in the “Nordic Highlights” section.

This year the festival has a particularly rich range of national premieres, most beautifully represented in the section “Home Made Premieres”, as well as in the main, full-length film competition “Riga IFF Feature Film Competition” – it includes Laila Pakalniņa’s film “Mirror”, which depicts Snow White a story for a generation taken over by narcissism and self-image, Rebekah Lamarsha-Vadela and Dāvis Sīmanis’ view of the late Riga International Art Biennale “RIBOCA 2” in the film “Everything Blooms at the Same Time”, as well as several full-length debuts from Latvian filmmakers.

The eighth Riga IFF also pays special attention to the tastes of the youngest spectators – this year’s children’s film program “Kids’ Reel” can be proud not only of a longer duration, both Riga IFF weekends, but also two competitions that will be conveniently viewed online throughout Latvia. .

The section of the festival “Short Riga” will be the most relevant in cinema this year as well, the International Short Film Competition will be screened in six screenings, while both the acclaimed authors and strong debutants will compete for the prize in the National Competition.

In addition to the public film program, the “Riga IFF Forum” section for film industry professionals will take place, where local and foreign film industry representatives will have the opportunity to share their experience and knowledge.

Rilna festival program, tickets, festival subscription and more detailed information about the upcoming can be found at the festival Homepage.


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