More STD home tests due to corona crisis: ‘Make sure you choose the right one’

Soapoli-online is a lot busier than before the corona crisis. “We are seeing a gigantic increase in applications”, a spokesperson told EditieNL. “Partly because GGDs actively refer to us.” has also been busier since the corona crisis. “We are up more than thirty percent. We see that we are taking over the role of the GGD in terms of STI tests.”

Because it is important that people who take a self-test know well in advance what they need to be tested for, Soa Aids Nederland started a few years ago. “There are a ton of home tests in circulation. That’s why we are this chat started. People can go to the site anonymously for chat advice 24 hours a day “, a spokesperson told EditieNL.


As long as you know which test to take, a home test is no problem. But it is important to choose the right one because not all of them are reliable. “All tests for which the results are not sent to the lab are unreliable. If you buy a chlamydia test at the drugstore, you are actually throwing your money in the trash.”

Only reliable self-tests are recommended in the chat of Soa Aids Nederland. “A good test consists of a conversation in advance to determine which test you should take. Then you do the test yourself and send it in. If the test is positive, you will then receive the correct follow-up from the provider. For example, advice on partner warning. ”

Shame on you

Even though it is now easy to do a home test, Soa Aids Nederland advises anyone with STD complaints to go to a doctor or GGD. “A doctor can also do the test and he can talk to you. You really shouldn’t be ashamed.”

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