More snow in California than in Quebec

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Tuesday, January 26, 2021 at 11:50 am – By Friday, California will receive more snow than Quebec.


In short :

  • Little snow for Quebec;
  • Heavy rainfall in California;
  • A system that could hit us next week.

A few centimeters for Quebec

A depression coming from Texas will leave a few centimeters over southern Quebec from Tuesday to Wednesday.

The system will leave 5 cm in the Montérégie and around 2 cm in the Outaouais, Montreal and Estrie.

Snow Quebec

Southern Ontario and New York State could receive up to 15 cm.

The weather will be fairly quiet until the weekend.

Heavy rainfall for California

By Friday, the jet stream will bring an influx of humidity from the Pacific. This humidity combined with an almost stationary depression will cause abundant precipitation on the coast.

strong winds

It could fall up to 200mm of rain.

At heights, in mountainous areas, it could fall 25 to 50 cm of snow. The most populated areas will be entitled to snow cover.

California snow

There is therefore a risk of avalanche, because the snow will be heavy and the winds will be violent.

78% of California is in moderate or extreme drought and the soil is damaged from the fires, which could mean that the heavy precipitation will not be well absorbed. There could be flooding and landslides and debris from the fires could be carried.

A system that could hit us next week

After California, Quebec

The system that hits California by Friday will then head to Texas. It will fill up with humidity and could affect Quebec early next week, around February 2.

It is still too early to know the impact on the province.

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