More Rial told why she is estranged from her father, Jorge Rial SHOW El Intransigente

Direct, sincere and no holds barred. This is how it is shown nothing more and nothing less than More Rial, the eldest daughter of Jorge Rial, who was present at «LAM», the program carried out by brito angel through the screen America TV. There, in addition to talking about what happened with his father in Colombia, he said that today they are estranged.

«After what happened to him, which was very serious, did he not change? His character, not worrying about things… »Nazarena Vélez asked him. «I am a bit distanced since I came from Colombia. I could not tell you. I’m not going to talk. It is since we returned from Colombia, “said the guest. “You are always half shot with your old man,” the presenter told him. «Yes, we are always at the shots. But nothing happens, it will happen, “she launched again.

“But did they fight in Colombia?” Andrea Taboada wanted to know. «I did not fight in Colombia. But there are things that I don’t like and there are things that he doesn’t like, and we’re not going to get along because of that,” she said. “What don’t you like?” he asked. Yanina Latorre. “I’m not going to say it on TV. “We live fighting,” she said. “Is he very jealous of you?” Marixa Balli wanted to know.

«No, the only thing I lack! He doesn’t interfere in my love life anymore. From my son’s father, who told me “no, no, no.” And I “yes, yes, yes.” And then he ended up ruining my life… I take care of all the things I do in life, “said More Rial. “In that shooting, in which they do not agree around there, can’t they sit down and talk about the simple thing?” Estefi Berardi questioned her. “No, I thank you. We don’t get along. I mean, everything is fine. He is Francesco’s grandfather, if he wants to see him, he will see him, but… », she maintained.

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“We don’t fight in Colombia. It happened that I arrived from Colombia at 6 in the morning and at 10 I left for Córdoba. He was not here, he came a week, alone. I have no idea if the girlfriend was already here because I don’t have a dialogue on a daily basis. But the days that I went to Córdoba the whole quilombo broke out, because of the hotel, the candles, Saint Death and he got angry. He still hates Córdoba. He doesn’t like me going to Córdoba. That is his big problem. And I love Cordoba. So we will always fight, “said the media. “For Nina Loly?” Taboada asked. «What does the Loly Girl have to do with it! She is in Miami », concluded Morena.

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