More quarantine measures than step 3… The third disaster subsidy is larger

[이데일리 방인권 기자]

[이데일리 최훈길 김겨레 기자]The damage to self-employed people is also growing with snowballs as the government is implementing bolder quarantine measures than the third stage, such as banning groups of 5 or more to tighten the rein of the Corona 19 pandemic. The party and the government are planning to come up with measures to support damage to self-employed businessmen who were directly hit by social distancing this week, with the aim of providing disaster support and expanding tax credits when rent is reduced. Initially, it was promoted with a scale of 3 trillion won + a, but as the damage increased, the scale of support is expected to increase.

On the 22nd, according to the Democratic Party and the Ministry of Strategy and Finance, the party government will determine and announce the scale, method and timing of the third disaster support payment this week.

On the 22nd, Liu Dong-soo, senior vice president of the Democratic Party’s Policy Committee, said, “The Democratic Party will make sure that the third disaster aid is paid as soon as possible in January.” Democratic Party Policy Committee Chairman Han Han-ae also met with reporters at the National Assembly on the same day and said, “I asked (to the government) to bring the proposal quickly. The party government is adjusting the total amount of support and the amount of rental support at the last minute.

The party administration is known to provide a certain amount in the name of loss compensation to reduce rent for self-employed and small business owners. The purpose of this is that if you apply directly as a’rental fee’, procedures such as proof of actual use will increase, and the tenants who apply will have to go through a complicated process, so there is a concern about waste of administrative power.

The Democratic Party has also proposed to the government to expand the tax credit from 50% to 70% for the’good landlord movement’. There is no big disagreement, such as insisting that the opposition party, such as the power of the people, be entitled to a 100% deduction if they cut the rent of the prohibited group.

The problem is that from the 24th, gatherings of five or more people nationwide are banned, and the targets for group bans such as ski resorts are widening, and the damage to self-employed people is growing like a snowball. The quarantine authorities restricted the operation of a total of 63,215 lodging establishments such as hotels and guest houses, including 16 ski resorts, 35 ice rinks, and 128 snow sledding sites.

The Democratic Party initially considered subsidizing damage to small business owners and self-employed persons who were restricted from gathering in the first place, but is also considering whether to support the underprivileged classes such as specially employed farmers. Subsidies for self-employed people are under discussion based on the fact that a maximum of 2 million won was paid from 1 million won to small business owners who suffered damage from Corona 19 in September. In the Democratic Party, there are consistent voices saying that disaster subsidies should be provided to the public.

In addition, the Dangjeong is considering a second loan for small business owners and an additional extension of maturity. The Democratic Party announced that it would further extend the repayment maturity of the loan principal, which was deferred at the end of March, and the secondary loan for small businesses worth 6.8 trillion won.

The Ministry of Information and Communication agrees that the amount of disaster subsidies should be expanded as the damage has increased, but it is negative about the upward adjustment of the income deduction rate for’good landlords’. The reason is that the incentive effect of rent reduction or exemption is not significant because you can feel the benefits of reduction or exemption when filing corporate tax in March next year and comprehensive income tax in May next year. According to the Ministry of SMEs and Startups, only 5195 people (as of the end of October) nationwide have reduced their rent since the Corona 19 incident.

Kim Jung-hoon, head of the Institute for Fiscal Policy, said, “Considering the corona 19 pandemic, prolonged, and bankruptcy concerns, blood transfusions should be actively conducted in various places now. It is necessary to promote measures to manage national fiscal deficits across the country.


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