More new Spotify users than expected: now 320 million worldwide | NOW

Music service Spotify now has 320 million users who log in monthly. The company announced this on Thursday in its quarterly figures. In the past quarter, Spotify added more than twenty million users.

The number of Spotify users increased by 29 percent compared to the same period last year. Of the total of 320 million users, 144 million pay for the service. Both the number of free and paying users grew faster than analysts expected.

Spotify says the growth is due to product offers, among other things, whereby customers receive a subscription to the music service. Spotify saw the greatest growth in India and Russia. In Russia, Spotify has been available since July of this year.

The company’s total turnover amounted to 1.975 billion euros in the past quarter. That is 19 percent more than in the same quarter last year. The operating loss was 529 million euros, 37 percent more than last year.


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