More money to the royal family, can that be explained in difficult economic times?

The agreements about the income of the king and his family are laid down in the Financial Statute of the Royal House (WFSKH). It dates from 1972, before that there were no formal agreements. Heir to the throne Beatrix was 34 when the designers of the statute considered the amount of the allowance for the heir apparent.

When Willem-Alexander turned eighteen, a similar indignation arose about the height of the amount as now with Amalia. For a moment, the idea was to raise the age limit for kingship from 18 to 21, so that the crown prince could receive benefits later.

That discussion would take place at the King’s budget in October fed again can be. We do not know what the king himself thinks about his income.

Big cleaning

This summer we did see the King and Queen on the Greek Sea in a new speedboat worth 2 million euros. Willem-Alexander, it seems, is well aware of the spirit of the times on a number of other points. He seems to be doing a big cleaning.

For example, he offered unexpectedly during the state visit to Indonesia in March his apologies for disruptions of violence during the decolonization wars. On May 4, he began unsolicited about the controversy role of his great-grandmother Wilhelmina who was in London during World War II.

Last week, the king announced through the Government Information Service that the Golden Coach next year after years of restoration not on Budget Day will be on display, but is temporarily on display in the Amsterdam Museum. Few people believe that the carriage with the ‘slave panel’ will then be used by the head of state.

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