More mindfulness and provision for Christmas

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Frankfurt (ots) – At the most comfortable time of the year, your family and loved ones are even closer than usual – but Corona can quickly cause worries this year. In order not to let these fears become present in the first place, careful handling and the right precautionary measures are helpful. The insurance manager CLARK gives useful tips for being more mindful in winter.

Mindfulness – more than just a trending word

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To be mindful means to let things have an effect on you consciously and to perceive them with undivided attention. This is not always easy in everyday stress, especially when the children are frolicking around you, there is chaos in your home and the car urgently needs to be repaired. However, even small mindfulness exercises can be easily integrated into everyday life. One possibility, for example, is to quietly observe nature. Children in particular are usually better at this than adults. But also a conscious dinner without the distraction of smartphones can contribute to decelerating.

But not only mindfulness exercises can help you to keep a cool head in the current time. With the right provision, your own family is protected – no matter what. The quiet holidays in particular are a good time to deal with your own pension situation.

Who will help when you need care?

In some cases it can happen that one becomes in need of care due to an accident or illness. But who is the contact then? Especially when you don’t want to burden your own family with it? “The social long-term care insurance ( forms the basic protection in the event of need for long-term care.”, So the CLARK experts. “It is mandatory for all insured persons, regardless of whether they are legally or privately insured.” The private supplementary long-term care insurance ( helps to take over certain therapy offers that are not covered by the statutory PV.

If, for example, the infection with the corona virus causes a serious and insured illness, the Dread Disease Insurance ( takes effect. “From one day to the next you can no longer meet your family and financial obligations due to an illness. At the same time, there are new costs for therapy options and illness-related purchases. Dread disease insurance can protect against financial difficulties. ” so the CLARK experts.

And what if you are no longer there?

Probably nobody wants to burden their partner or children with debts in the event of death. Here, too, there are ways to protect yourself against this eventuality. A term life insurance ( is there to protect the family from financial problems if something should happen to the person. If you want to relieve the family additionally, you should think about a capital life insurance ( “There are different types of endowment insurance such as death benefit insurance ( The best way to find out which one is best for you is through an individual consultation, ”say the CLARK experts.

In turbulent phases of life, it is important not to let the ground pull away from under your feet. Quiet hours with family can help restore balance. Careful handling and good preventive care help.


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