More Leopard Tanks from the West for Ukraine Can Beat Russia


Russian invasion to Ukraine has been going on for a year. Even though the call for peace continues to be echoed, a number of countries have flocked to send Leopard battle tanks to Ukraine.

So far, Canada and Poland have become countries that have stated that they will send combat vehicle assistance to Ukraine as a form of support for the Russian invasion. Canadian and Polish leaders said the aid was a show of solidarity.

Canadian Leopard Battle Tank

Canada says it will deliver more Leopard battle tanks to Ukraine, doubling its previous commitment. Not only that, Ottawa also announced new sanctions for 192 Russian individuals and entities on the one-year anniversary of Moscow’s invasion of Ukraine.

As reported by AFP, Saturday (25/2/2023), Prime Minister (PM) Justin Trudeau announced on Friday (24/2) local time that four additional Leopard battle tanks will be delivered by his country to Ukraine, to help fight the Russian invasion that began since February 24 last year.

“Canada stands in solidarity with Ukraine from the beginning of the conflict,” Trudeau said at a news conference marking the first anniversary of the war in Ukraine.

“We will continue to do that,” he told reporters in Toronto while attending an evening vigil for the victims of the Ukraine war.

While denouncing the “war of aggression” started by Russian President Vladimir Putin, Trudeau called the Kremlin leader “dangerous, cowardly and weak”.

“We know that this struggle is not over,” he said.

4 German-made Leopard Tanks Sent by Canada to Ukraine

The Canadian prime minister’s office also said that four previously announced German-made Leopard 2 battle tanks had been delivered to Poland where Ukrainian soldiers were receiving training to use them.

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An additional four Leopard 2 tanks, said the Canadian PM’s office, will also be sent to Ukraine. Not only that, Ottawa also said it would send armored vehicles and ammunition to Kiev.

The latest aid package and series of sanctions were made public as the United States (US) announced in coordination with its G7 allies an expanded set of sanctions against Russia.

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