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AGE now it sounds more familiar to the younger, productive age generation suffering from stress high blood pressure or hypertension.

If in the past this disease was synonymous with the elderly, it is no longer because the increasingly unhealthy lifestyle changes make today’s young people susceptible to hypertension.

Given the growing risk, one of which is the habit of being lazy to move, consuming unhealthy food every day or sleeping less because you like to stay up late, it is important for the younger generation to know tips on how to prevent hypertension.

Discover the advice directly from the expert, Specialist in Internal Medicine, dr. Erni Juwita Nelwan, Sp.PD, to prevent high blood pressure so that you don’t get high blood pressure at a young age, in her explanation in a recent live broadcast on Instagram Live Okezone.

1. Establish a daily diet: said Dr. Erni, Sp.PD, it is now important for young people to regulate their diet. That is, what is consumed must be considered. Don’t be FOMO (fear of missing out) by cutting out all viral foods right away and making it a habit.

“Try to always have fruit and vegetables every day. In fact, there is a suggestion to eat fruit before the main meal so that you eat some,” said Dr. Erni

2. Exercise: Sounds cliché, but it’s hard for some people to do. Dr. Erni advised, the exercise in question is really exercise, don’t walk for hours in the mall. “Then, set your exercise time, if you refer to the recommendations, actually 150 minutes a week is enough,” he explained.

3. Don’t Overeat: Remember, anything in excess is unhealthy. Then, she starts training you not to consume anything excessively. Stop eating before you’re full, that’s the best!

4. Be aware of yourself: The point here is to be aware of what is being consumed. If you know what you eat contains a lot of fat, then don’t add it to something too salty or eat a lot of foods that are high in salt, OK?

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