More Evidence, Covid-19 Can Stay on the Penis and Cause Erection Difficulty – Looks like no body part can escape from corona virus SARS-CoV-2 penyebab Covid-19. When this virus enters the body, it will interfere with the work of the lungs, heart, brain, intestines, and penis.

In a small study, scientists at the Miami Miller University School of Medicine explained how the coronavirus that causes Covid-19 can be found in penile tissue long after the initial infection has cleared up.

In turn, experts believe this has the potential to impact capability erection.

An example of the so-called “schlong-COVID” (that’s not a scientific name) was recently documented at World Journal of Men’s Health.

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The researchers collected penile tissue from four patients who underwent penile prosthesis surgery because of this erectile dysfunction the severe one.

Two have no history of Covid-19, one volunteer previously had mild infections, and the other has been hospitalized for Covid-19 infection.

The two men infected with Covid-19 admitted that before being infected with the corona virus, their penile erectile function was normal.

SARS-CoV-2 was found in the penile tissue of both men who had Covid-19, but not in uninfected partners.

Reporting from IFL Science, Thursday (13/5/2021), the conditions were extraordinary because the two men had been declared cured of Covid-19 since six months ago. But half a year later, it turns out that the virus still lingers in the penis.

It may seem unexpected that SARS-CoV-2 can affect the erection ability of the penis. However, this has all to do with blood vessels.

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