More and more people do not see special benefits for life in Riga BNN

More and more people do not see special benefits for life in Riga, according to a survey conducted by the research agency SKDS.

In May this year, residents were asked to rate whether, in their opinion, life in Riga is better than elsewhere in Latvia. About half or 56% of the population believe that, in general, life in the capital is better than elsewhere in Latvia, 24% of respondents believe that it is significantly better, while another 32% think that it is slightly better.

The proportion of people with this opinion has been declining for several years, and the proportion of people with such an opinion has fallen by four percentage points since last year. The largest share of the population expressing such an opinion was recorded in 2003, when 72% of the population saw the benefits of living in Riga.

This year, 11% of the population have the opposite opinion, believing that life in Riga as a whole is worse than elsewhere in Latvia.

Eight percent of respondents think it is slightly worse, while another three percent think it is significantly worse.

Another 26% of the population believe that life in Riga is the same as elsewhere. This year, the highest proportion of the population expressing such a position in the history of observations was recorded, increasing by three percentage points during the year.

In turn, seven percent of respondents were unable to provide a specific opinion on this issue.

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