More ads on YouTube

According to the information Gizmochiathere may be even more YouTube ads in the future for those who haven’t yet subscribed to the premium service.

Today, most YouTube videos include one or two commercials, either beginning or split, depending on the length of the video and the monetization settings specified by the channel. However, YouTube is currently testing up to five commercials before a clip, which means we can go from 15 to 60 seconds before we get to the actual video. A great way to defeat all the urge to watch something.

Since this option is only in the scope of the test, there are no guarantees that YouTube will switch to it – it will all depend on the success of the test. But as practice shows, switching to five commercials before the video is unlikely, while three are very realistic. Especially if you first scare the audience with the first option.

Will this motivate users to sign up for premium or download adblock?

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