Moraveckis warns Merkel that Poland will block the EU budget

Polish Prime Minister Matthew Moravecki in a video conference with the German Chancellor on Friday Angelai Merkelei has confirmed its determination to block European Union (EU) budget and the Covid-19 crisis assistance package with a veto, if necessary.

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Poland is ready to take this step, “if we do not find a solution that is good for the EU as a whole, and not just for some of its member states,” the prime minister explained on Facebook on Friday.

“Poland has consistently taken the position that EU regulations must comply with the EU treaties and European Council decisions,” Moraveckis said.

Poland believes that further work is needed to find a solution as soon as possible, the Polish prime minister told Merkel.

The prime ministers of Poland and Hungary signed a joint declaration on Thursday, pledging to support each other and block the EU’s spending plan if the bloc continues to link EU funding to so-called rule of law.

The proposed mechanism for linking EU funding to so-called rule of law is “blurred definitions and vague concepts without clear criteria on which to base sanctions,” the declaration said.

Hungary and Poland reportedly vetoed the EU’s long-term budget and the bloc’s economic recovery package last week following the Covid-19 crisis.

Both countries oppose linking the so-called rule of law to receiving EU funding. The Hungarian Prime Minister, Viktor Orbán, has called this condition a politically motivated weapon and sees it as blackmail against anti-immigration countries.

After vetoing, Moraveckis said the “European oligarchy” was trying to intimidate the weaker EU countries.

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EU leaders are trying to persuade Moravecki and Orban to lift the veto that has led the bloc into a new crisis, jeopardizing joint efforts to fight the coronavirus pandemic.

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