Moral Crossroads in Daile Theater production «Doctor» / Article /

Six premieres are planned for the new season in the Great Hall of Daile Theater. The premiere of Robert Aik’s work “Doctor” with Vita Vārpiņš in the title role already on September 18.

The play “Doctor” by the British playwright Robert Aik is a drama of ideas – a contemporary work that, without losing its emotional charge, talks about how the world has changed.

“The original is the play” Professor Bernhardi “written by Arthur Schnitzler (an Austrian writer, prose writer and playwright of Jewish origin) in 1912, which Robert Aik” placed “in the modern information age, in the world of social media,” reveals director Gatis Schmidt.

The main character – the head of the hospital Rute Vulfa – is a strong, domineering woman, a career woman who has managed to carry the difficulties of both professional and personal life on her shoulders. Everything changes on the day that, while defending her patient’s right to peaceful death, Rute denies her the opportunity to receive the last sacrament.

This incident marks the beginning of a war between the religious beliefs of the patient’s relatives and the medical code of ethics, as well as between the mind and feelings of the female doctor. This forces the famous professor to stand alone in public court and close bills with his past.

“What interests me as Vita – the moment she allows herself to be just a man, a woman where she is no longer a doctor. This is interesting, thinking in context also about modern women, also about Latvian women. I also think about myself. It is almost like an incompatible world – society now requires us to be excellent in any field, ”Vita Vārpiņa outlines the problem.

Director Gatis Šmits emphasizes that the production is “an emotional, very sensitive show about a woman”.

Artūrs Skrastiņa, Dainis Gaiodelis, Imants Strads, Ģirts Ķesteris, etc. also play in the show.

Set designer Rūdolfs Bekičs, costume designer Kate, lighting artist Edijs Feldmanis.

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