Moonton Eliminates While Hero Badang, Turns Out This Is the Reason

Badang Mobile Legends background. (HiTekno / Rezza Rachmanta) – For users Badang Mobile Legends, you must be quite annoyed considering that your favorite hero cannot be used in the Land of Dawn. Based on the announcement from Moonton, hero Badang was hit Ban for a while.

That means Badang cannot be used in Classic or Rank mode. Of course this is quite detrimental for Badang users who want to push rank immediately.

As is well known, it has now entered Season 18 so all players have just been reset to rank below.

For some players, the start of the season is an interesting time to immediately do a push rank. But wait, Badang users will have to be patient for the next two weeks because they can’t play their favorite hero.

Moonton has announced through the player’s Inbox list that they will give “compensation” for Badang’s disappearance from the Land of Dawn.

Announcement from Moonton about Badang’s hero missing temporarily. (

The hero who uses the “thousand hits” skill will be repaired until mid-October. The bug that Badang has on its Ultimate makes the Fist Crack owner temporarily unplayable.

We are currently working on a fix for this issue as soon as possible and we have temporarily banned the hero. Badang will be available again once the problem is fixed in mid-October. At that time, we will also send a special gift as compensation, “wrote Moonton in his official statement.

To see in detail about the bugs in Ultimate Badang, you can watch video which was shared by the YouTube channel Adhani Lampu.

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In the video, it is seen that Badang can issue Fist Crack beyond its original range. Of course this is quite detrimental considering the opponent’s hero who must be able to escape is actually famous for the deadly attack from Badang.

For information, Badang is known as a hero who is quite troublesome in the late-game, especially when all of his core items have been collected.

The combination of his two and Ultimate confinement skills can even out 3 heroes at once if the attack is accurate. The bugs in Badang certainly make the Fighter Mobile Legends hero even more frightening.

The bug does not happen automatically, but the user must first press the Recall button. The combination of the Recall button and the skill turns out to make the attack effects of Badang Mobile Legends grow out of reach. That is what makes Moonton have to temporarily remove Badang from the Land of Dawn.


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