Moody ride on the A58 captured with dashcam

This week, a motorist performed at breakneck speed on the A58 from Eindhoven to Breda. Dashcam images show how the man slips between cars near Moergestel and passes an exit.

The mad rush can be followed from the front row in a three-minute video with dashcam footage. It is a miracle that no serious accident has happened.

Operation truck, where the images were posted on Thursday evening, not only the driver of the Clio but also the driver of the car with the dashcam of many people takes a beating. “I understand the frustration of dashcammertbut in theory you could also have left it in the middle “, one of them replies.

“Eventually both of us are a danger on the road,” someone else replies. “I have the greatest, not I. And so on, and so on … Only accidents come from, behaving like a gentleman in traffic is my motto.”

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