Montpellier. Plan Cabanes / Saint-Denis: a delinquency treatment group and beyond?

Police deployment this Thursday at Plan Cabanes (© Vilette / City of Montpellier)

In recent weeks, we have never seen so many policemen national, municipal and customs officers deployed in the Plan Cabanes district and that adjoining Saint-Denis, in particular on the Cours Gambetta, in Montpellier. It is 150 meters from the judicial tribunal, all trafficking proliferates, day and night, on sidewalk squares, under the eyes of local residents and powerless traders: street selling of contraband tobacco, drugs usually issued with prescriptions, many stolen items sold under cover , street harassment and of course sale of narcotics, from hash to crack, and this for the visible part. For the invisible part: underground work and sleep merchants. It makes a mess. It was therefore decided to strike a blow: several partners – police forces, customs, justice, town hall, etc. – are now united in the local delinquency treatment group, the GLTD, which is added to another thing already in place for years, the local Council for security and crime prevention, the CLSPD, where we find the same! “Do you often hear about this CLSPD? Do you know how many times it meets per year? Do you have any figures for its action? An annual review? », Laughs a Montpellier. Good questions. And to predict that, “The dealers and others, by dint of being disturbed will settle elsewhere. Suddenly, the same problem will arise in other areas of the city ”… Reaction of the City of Montpellier: the CLSPD has nothing to do with the GLTD, they are two completely different units. Of which act.

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Michaël Delafosse in contact with citizens in Gambetta.
Michaël Delafosse in contact with citizens in Gambetta. (© Vilette / City of Montpellier)

In any case, the GLTD becomes the star of the eradication of street crime which rots the lives of the inhabitants of Plan Cabanes, 24 hours a day, presented as the lethal weapon. “Just one observation, this GLTD will only deal with Plan Cabanes, rather the Cours Gambetta and Saint-Denis?” Why not include the Figuerolles suburb, adjoining, with the city of Gély, the headquarters of drug traffickers, where a teenager from Mosson-la Paillade was killed with knives? », The inhabitants wonder. We learn that this first GLTD calls for others. The dealers of the Gély city are already shaking!

This Thursday, for the launch of this GLTD made in Montpellier, Michaël Delafosse, the mayor of Montpellier and president of the Metropolis recognized that, “The situation is very degraded we are aware of it. We have a duty to provide precise and appropriate responses ”. And he confirms that, “Other districts of the city could be the object of this type of device”. In the meantime, Michaël Delafosse draws up a positive report, during the implementation of the GLTD: “Here, in Gambetta, it is the Republic which takes back its rights in all the diversity of its services and to ensure the peace of all citizens. “. The mayor even approached passers-by on the sidewalk of Cours Gambetta to discuss.

The stranger in the cloak

At Plan Cabanes, the trafficking continues: a 26-year-old foreigner in an irregular situation was arrested in broad daylight for having drawn the attention of police officers from the Proximity Security Group -GSP- of the central police station to open his coat wide. , when he passed pedestrians. He was not a sexual pervert, as the police believed at the time, but, a contraband tobacco dealer : it presented 17 cigarettes and 9 packets of cigarettes at more than affordable prices. Tobacco sold under the hood, it is the case to say it. He is subject to an obligation to leave the territory, but, there is no smoke without fire, there is a good chance that he will hang out in the neighborhood again.

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