Montpellier: new demonstration of taxis on Friday morning

Demonstration of taxis in front of Montpellier town hall. (© JMA / Métropolitain)

After a first manifestation last friday at Montpellier, taxi representatives had been received by the mayor’s chief of staff and the director general of town hall services to express their concerns and proposals. They are doing it again this Friday, April 9, always with the objective of being able to take the mixed lanes dedicated to bikes and buses.

Not cars

“Taxis should not be considered as cars because they perform a public service mission. We must be able to offer a quality service to economic and health actors (sick and elderly). These services must be performed under the best conditions and time. These axes are essential to maintaining the activity ”assure the taxi craftsmen.

This is why, under a new event this Friday, April 9, the taxi craftsmen are asking to be received by the prefect of Hérault Jacques Witkowski and the mayor of Montpellier Michaël Delafosse in order “to find solutions in a constructive spirit. reconciling ecological and economic issues ”.

From the Zenith to the Town Hall

The event, bringing together more than 150 taxis, will start at 8 am from the Zénith de Montpellier, will pass through Antigone, the Sète bridge, the Comédie tunnel, the Zuccarelli bridge to end in front of the town hall.

The action due to cause, like last week, many disturbances on the road and the trams, the taxis send a message: “We apologize for the inconvenience caused to motorists and to our customers but these actions are justified by the survival of our profession. and will be renewed depending on the results of the negotiations ”.

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