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Montpellier: Dall’Oglio does not overwhelm Savanier

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In numerical superiority for more than an hour, Montpellier failed to take the best of Nice (0-0) this Saturday, during the 28th day of Ligue 1. Two points lost according to Hérault coach Olivier Dall ‘ Oglio.

“We are disappointed with the result. We still had an interesting first half and a slightly worse second, but still with chances. In the locker room, everyone is disappointed because there was a configuration that gave us certainly winners”, underlined the MHSC coach on Prime Video, before mentioning the missed penalty (see brief 6:24 p.m.) of his midfielder Téji Savanier.

“Me, I often insist with the boys on efficiency. I ask them above all to be efficient, then if we have the opportunity to do ‘beautiful’, so much the better. But I think that Téji is very disappointed. We are behind him, he had a very good game. It could have been beautiful if he had scored that penalty”, finished Dall’Oglio.

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