Montmirail (Marne). Pandemic: Keeping an eye on the future, Joseph Puzo’s goal

Joseph Puzo, a look into the future. (©DR)

No one is surprised when Joseph Puzo look far into the future. All his life this man of action will have been an avant-garde and an objective dreamer. He sees what others do not imagine yet and this is the strength ofAxon ‘Cable whose head office is located Montmirail do the pride of French industry.

“Pandemics are not new”

Working with the whole world with more than ten branches all over the globe, Axon ‘is a reliable barometer when it comes to analyzing global situations. On earth or in space, Joseph Puzo knows that he must know the past, learn from it and keep the telescope focused on the future.

The future is not far off here, 2021 has just started. The past is not far away leaving a painful memory. But pessimism is not the solution.

“The first documented pandemic in history was the plague of Athens from 430 BC to 426 BC It was brought by the Spartan soldiers who came to attack Athens during the Peloponnesian War. It was probably a typhoid fever ”, explains the industrialist before adding:“ The black plague from 1347 to 1352, which had started in China, was brought by the Mongolian troops who, in 1346, besieged the Genoese in the port in Crimea. from Caffa to the Black Sea. After two years of siege, the Mongol armies, decimated by the Black Death, threw plague corpses over the city walls. The epidemic spread quickly in Caffa and forced the Genoese to also abandon the city after the lifting of the siege by the Mongols. The dispersal of Italian merchants in the Mediterranean, carrying flea infested rats with them, was the cause of the second plague pandemic in Europe. More than a third of the European population died from it. “

France, Europe and sometimes the whole world have known serious epidemics including the Spanish flu in 1918 killing nearly 100 million people worldwide, decimating 2.5 to 5% of the world population.

The pandemic in a modern world

In December 2019, the first cases of Covid were reported and the pandemic quickly affected the entire world population.

The modern world is on the move and unlike 1918, in a single day the inhabitants of the world roam the globe carrying the dangerous virus with them. Like wildfire all countries of the world have been affected.

We had to adapt and evolve. We had to take new habits.

At Axon ‘, just like in the world of education or public services, we are increasingly starting to develop teleworking and videoconferencing. Less user-friendly, it nevertheless made it possible to keep the world in motion and to continue working. The economy has certainly taken a hit canceling all positive forecasts.

An economy in danger, but which will recover quickly

“In 2020 the GDP fell by 4.2%,” explains Axon’s CEO, “but in 2021 it will be 4.4% positive. It will be a quick turnaround. “

The pandemic has arrived at lightning speed, but never in the past has a vaccine been designed so quickly as evidenced by Joseph Puzo: “Today, everything is going faster: a plane carries a microbe to the other end of the world. world in months of a day. But never has a vaccine been developed and perfected in such a short time, during the year 2020 alone. And never in a single year, that will be 2021, a vaccine will have been so massively administered. “

The crisis precipitated inter-screen communication

Companies have adapted in record time to the new conditions as explained by the boss of Axon ‘: “In 2020, the Covid has limited face-to-face and popularized videoconferences, certainly at a distance, but allowing to see the face of the interlocutor . “

What future for 2021?

The vaccine is being developed and soon the population will have access to a vaccination which will quickly limit the spread of the virus. In the meantime, we must remain cautious and continue to respect barrier gestures.

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