Montlucon. The highlights of the Community Council of 26 September 2022

Voted on Monday 26 September 2022, the urban plan lists the land in the Montluçon agglomeration on which renewable energy projects can be carried out.

Adopted in April 2021 to allow the suspension of renewable energy production projects in the Montluçon area, the community officially ended on Monday, unanimously during the vote of the community councilors.

The community of Montluçon undertakes to slow down the gnawing of agricultural land, to guarantee the living environment around the houses and to “preserve the landscape quality of the territory. “

The plateau of Barassier, on the heights of Saint-Victor may soon see the flowering of wind turbines on its green meadows, a company has already started a feasibility study for their implementation according to Philippe Glomot, Jean-Pierre Guérin, mayor of Saint-Victor is thrilled about this project.

Sixteen locations planned to host ground photovoltaic panels for approximately 140 hectares in the municipalities of Domérat, Quinssaines, Prémilhat, Montluçon, Saint-Victor, Villebret and Terjat.

These sites could host housing in the near future according to Frédéric Laporte, a study will soon be carried out to know the amount of work to be undertaken and submit a grant application to ANAH (National Housing Agency) in the context of habitat reabsorption not sanitary. “If we spent without thinking it would be less good” says Frédéric Laporte.

Marc Malbet indicates that the state will have to financially support the budgets of local authorities in the face of the soaring energy costs in recent months. “It is not up to the consumer to suffer again and again.”

Montluçon Habitat will be able to undertake the heavy rehabilitation and renovation of 140 housing units located in Rue Florane in Montluçon.

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