Montélimar hospital on strike against the vaccine imposed on caregivers

The nursing and non-nursing hospital staff of the CGT called for a strike by the Groupement Hospitalier de Porte de Provence on Thursday, July 22. They are protesting against compulsory vaccination.

“A local strike notice was issued at the request of many agents on the GHPP, to denounce the heinous blackmail implemented for a forced vaccination.” The CGT press release is very offensive and calls for the mobilization of agents from the Groupement Hospitalier de Porte de Provence in Montélimar in the Drôme, from Thursday, July 22, 2021.

The union is asking for recognition as an industrial accident for anyone contracting COVID-19 in the course of their professional duties. The demands mainly relate to the refusal of compulsory vaccination in the name of the right to liberty and security as well as the right to medical confidentiality.

A feeling of blackmail

“I’m not a lab rat” here is the type of remark that Elsa Ruillère, local representative of the CGT said to hear in recent days. “Everyone took a few days to realize what was going on“she specifies. “And then we were contacted by agents who feel increasingly discriminated against. We have the feeling of blackmail on hospital staff.”

“We are not against vaccination but for an informed choice and free consent for all. We are against the vaccination obligation under penalty of being made redundant.”

One year in prison and a fine of 45,000 euros.

Beyond the deadline set for September 15, professionals who cannot justify a health pass will receive a notification of prohibition to practice, either by their employers or by the health insurance fund.
The text specifies that “the fact that a professional can no longer work for a period of more than two months justifies his dismissal”. Otherwise, the sanction provided for is very heavy: one year in prison and a fine of 45,000 euros.

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Draft bill on the o … by Public Senate

“2020 applauded, 2021 betrayed!”

“We will also have to find ourselves in the police! We will have to check the health passes of the patients who have an appointment at the hospital. But where are we going?” The slogan of the mobilization scheduled for Friday July 23 in front of the Montélimar hospital sums up the bitterness of the personnel mobilized:“2020 applauded, 2021 betrayed!”.

An indefinite strike notice was filed from Thursday July 22 at noon in order to oppose this obligation and denounce “a degraded and enduring situation within health establishments”.

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