Montauban: Europe is experienced every day thanks to mobility

the essential
On the occasion of Europe Days, the Grand Montauban Youth Information Service is organizing activities until May 13 to promote Europe to young people.

This Monday at the Youth Information Service, the good weather allowed the various stands taking part in the first activity of the Europe Days to set up outside and welcome visitors under the blue sky. Each stand made it possible to learn more about another possibility of mobility, whether in Europe or internationally. The aim of the afternoon: to inform and to come and break down fears stemming from ignorance about mobility, in particular the language barrier and the financial aspect.

Among the organizations present, Parcours Le Monde is a mobility facilitator. The organization raises awareness and provides support. They are also a sending organization for the European Solidarity Corps (ESC) and youth exchanges. Their role is to support undefined projects as well as to deconstruct certain clichés about mobility according to Mathilde Berlinghi, who is doing her civic service in the organization.

An opening to the world

Also present on Monday afternoon, the Maison des Jeunes et de la Culture de Graulhet was represented by two volunteers from Spain and Germany respectively who proposed an escape game in order to prove that it is not necessary to speak the same language to help each other. In the eyes of the masters of the game Hannah van Eimern and Lidia López, going to another country, which they themselves have done, allows them to know themselves better and brings an important opening to the world.

Mission Locale 82, for its part, works with young people between the ages of 16 and 25 who have left the school system and are seeking autonomy, which often involves employment. “However, to find a job, you sometimes have to go through mobility,” says Nathalie Falguières, integration advisor.

The Maison de l’Europe has the “Europe Direct Information Center” label, awarded by the European Commission, which allows them to provide information, as well as training and events around the theme of European Union.

The lack of information among young people at school about all these mobility opportunities is a problem which the Lycée Théas and the Lycée d’enseignement agricole de Lestonnac have tried to remedy, by offering internships and exchanges abroad respectively. and international civic service.

Finally, the Citrus association, the regional delegation of Solidarités Jeunesses in Midi-Pyrénées offers international workcamps, especially for teenagers.

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