Montauban: beats his companion to steal her gold necklace and ends up in prison

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A person was tried on Tuesday 19 July in an immediate overall look prior to the Montauban court docket for domestic violence. In debt, he experienced attempted to steal his girlfriend’s gold necklace.

The events took put at the starting of the week in Montauban. Even though he is in credit card debt for dollars, a 37-yr-old man decides to repay them by trying to steal a gold necklace. It does not belong to anybody, as it is owned by his companion, ten a long time youthful than him.

But when it arrives time to steal her jewel, things get challenging. The 27-calendar year-outdated young girl is not fooled and attempts to defend her home. Which is when the blows are exchanged. In this fight the target is – as typically takes place – the woman, who gets lots of blows, whose scars she wears on her body. You logically come to a decision to file a criticism at the Montauban police station, a several hundred meters away (the occasions took spot in rue de la Fobio, ed).

Electronic bracelet

At the law enforcement station, peacekeepers seen that the victim was demonstrating signs of blows on different sections of the overall body. His lover, responsible, is properly discovered, as he is recognised to the law enforcement: he owes his liberty only to wearing an electronic bracelet.

He was immediately arrested and taken into custody. All through this, he acknowledges the points he is accused of. He is brought in advance of the prosecutor, who decides to existing the accused in an fast visual appearance on Tuesday 19 July at the Montauban court docket.

The perpetrator was sentenced to 6 months in jail and jailed. He ended his working day in prison.

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