“Monsieur Corbière, wake up!” by Gérald Darmanin

Tribune. This October 9, in the columns of Release, MP Corbière accused me of holding on “Defamatory and detestable words”, contesting the existence of radicalization in his constituency, as in other cities of Seine-Saint-Denis.

Read the text by Alexis CorbièreGérald Darmanin and “Islamo-leftism”, a term used to the cord

Monsieur Corbière plays Molière back to us and cannot see the breast which he himself hides. The facts are there. For two years, as part of the fight against radical Islamism and community withdrawal, 86 drinking establishments, 2 associations, 10 places of worship, 2 prophetic medicine cabinets, 18 shops, 3 reception centers for minors and 2 Clandestine “schools” were closed in the department of Seine-Saint-Denis. And his constituency, which includes the towns of Bagnolet and Montreuil, is unfortunately not spared. For example, the president of the clandestine confessional “school” closed by the state in Sevran in September was also the manager of an Islamic bookstore in Montreuil. This undeclared “school” welcomed 70 children in the greatest secrecy, without teaching control, without qualified teachers, without any respect for safety and health rules. In his constituency, it is in all more than fifty people who are followed by the services of the State for radicalization. The State has also strengthened its resources in Seine-Saint-Denis, with 179 police posts created in the department.

Mr. Corbière underlines “That the current laws already make it possible to fight against the progression of religious fanaticism” ? It is not knowing well the current state of the law, which he can develop as a parliamentarian. Today, the State cannot close an underground “school” for reasons other than health or civil security reasons. Today, the state cannot prevent a community from subsidizing a sports club which requires its members to pray. Today, the State cannot dissolve an association which does not respect the minimum requirements of life in society, and in particular equality between women and men. Today, the State cannot protect a private company charged with a public service mission from opening a clandestine prayer room.

Mr. Corbière prefers to close his eyes to this reality, on the grounds that by attacking radical Islamism, we would stigmatize all Muslims. By drawing this parallel, by putting Islam and radicalism on the same level, it is he who makes an amalgamation and it is he who concludes with the same absurd syllogism that “Socrates is a cat”.

However, this is precisely what must be differentiated. It is neither Islam nor Muslims who are involved. Do you know, Mr. Corbière, that my grandfather prayed to Allah and defended the Republic, as do, I know, the vast majority of Muslims in France. The text we are proposing aims, on the contrary, to allow all Muslims in France to live their faith peacefully under the protection of the Republic. As the rector of the Great Mosque of Paris himself said very well in a column published in the world 1is October, Muslims are the first victims of those who reveal their religion.

The project that we are defending, with the President of the Republic, is a project of republican awakening, to strengthen secularism and guarantee the minimum requirements of life in society: it is about ensuring that the values ​​of the Republic are respected throughout the territory. . It is not clear who can be against. The objective of the text that we present is to fight against those who reveal religion to question the values ​​of the Republic. This is to prevent religion from being used to build a parallel society and impose obscurantist rules in certain parts of the country. Let us not be naive and let us face the facts: there is no “reasonable” accommodation, nor any accommodation with radical Islamism because each compromise is a compromise, each retreat is a stab to the eye. the Republic.

In the political tradition claimed by Monsieur Corbière, October is the month of revolutions. Surprisingly, then, the hon. Member is falling asleep to reality and remains conservative. Lenin, whom he no doubt likes to quote, wondered: “What to do ?” Act, Mr Corbière, act!

And since you don’t seem to see where the problem is, I tell you: “Wake up !” and let us reread Jaurès and all the socialist thinkers who fought against anti-republican religious extremism and for secularism. Obviously, “O Tempora, o Mores” at LFI.

Gérald Darmanin Minister of the Interior



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