Monkeypox Virus Found in Patient’s Sperm Fluid, WHO Investigate This Report – Currently, the World Health Organization (WHO) is investigating a possible virus monkey pox on liquid sperm found in patients in Italy.

This was done following a viral DNA report monkeypox or monkeypox, which was detected in the sperm of some patients in Italy.

This raises the question of whether there may have been sexual transmission of the disease.

A number of cases in monkeypox epidemic it is also said to occur between sexual partners who have had close physical contact.

Therefore, WHO began to explore all the possibilities that lead to the transmission mechanism of monkeypox.

WHO Europe monkeypox incident manager, Catherine Smallwood, said it was still unknown whether recent reports indicated that monkeypox virus can be sexually transmitted.

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However, WHO confirms that monkeypox virus transmission is through close physical contact with a person who has been infected with monkeypox.

“This is probably something we didn’t realize in this disease before. We really need to focus on the most frequent modes of transmission and we’re clearly seeing that with skin-to-skin contact,” Smallwood said. ReutersThursday (16/6/2022).

Meanwhile, in recent weeks WHO noted there were around 1,600 cases of monkeypox that had been identified in 30 countries.

monkey pox is an infectious disease that is generally mild in nature, and is endemic in West Africa and Central Africa. This disease is caused by infection virus monkeypoxwhich is part of the genus Orthopoxvirus.

The latest report reveals, Monkeypox virus found in sperm fluid patients in Italy. Monkeypox epidemic This has sparked concern among experts as infection with the monkeypox virus rarely occurs outside of Africa.

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