Monkeypox Outbreak Soars To 3,400 Cases, 1 Patient Dies

Jakarta, CNN Indonesia

Number of people confirmed exposed monkey pox currently reached 3,413 cases.

World Health Organization (WHO) details the cumulative number of confirmed cases from 50 countries reporting monkeypox.

From the data shared by the WHO, the most cases occurred in the United States with a total of 793 confirmed cases, followed by Germany with a total of 521 cases and Spain, which was only one point apart from Germany, with 520 confirmed cases of monkeypox.

WHO also said, from the total cases, one person was declared dead due to monkeypox. Currently, WHO continues to monitor and continue to support international coordination with member countries and partners.

Even so, until now the WHO said that the current monkeypox outbreak was not a global public health emergency.

WHO Director-General Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus previously held a committee of experts meeting on Thursday (23/6) to determine whether they would sound the alarm over the monkeypox outbreak.

Monkeypox is a disease caused by a viral infection Monkeypox which is rare. This disease began to become an epidemic since the case was re-discovered last April in England.

From England, monkeypox outbreaks hit other countries, including Singapore, Indonesia’s neighbor.

Monkeypox is transmitted through close contact or contact with fluids from an infected person.

Symptoms of monkeypox generally resemble the flu accompanied by rashes and skin lesions.


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