Monkeypox is not caused by a vaccine or Covid-19, this is what an epidemiologist says – Case monkeypox or monkeypox which has recently been reported by a number of countries, is not related to Covid-19 and its vaccine.

Based on the reports received World Health Organization (WHO)of the 92 confirmed cases and 28 suspected cases of monkeypox that have been reported from 12 member countries that are not endemic to the virus, no change in disease transmission has occurred since 1985.

Indonesian epidemiologist for Griffith University Australia, Dicky Budiman, said monkeypox was not caused by a vaccine either.

This disease has existed since 1958 and was found in monkeys, then studied in a Danish laboratory.

The first case of monkeypox infection in humans occurred in 1970, which was experienced by a child in the Congo.

On social media, there are narratives linking monkeypox with Covid-19 and its vaccine. Dicky denied the claim.

“This connection with monkeypox clearly does not have a strong basis. This virus exists in animals and has existed for a long time. In many cases, this monkeyfox occurs in endemic countries such as Africa,” said Dicky when contacted, Wednesday (25/5/2022).

Not related to Covid-19 and the vaccine

Dicky explained that what makes a person infected with monkeypox is the spread of the virus. Transmission media can be through lesions, body fluids, droplets, or contact with contaminated surfaces, such as bed linen.

However, the risk of transmission from this virus is also possible if humans consume infected animal meat, and have not cooked it perfectly.

“The data that is currently available is closely related to the cluster, meaning that there is a transmission that can be indicated because of that person, because of that person. This can also be explained because of close contact. That contradicts itself with vaccination,” said Dicky.

Until now there is no data linking the number of chickenpox sufferers who have experienced Covid-19 or received the Covid-19 vaccine.

However, the claim that the vaccine causes monkeypox, according to Dicky, cannot be justified.

“So when it comes to the effect of vaccination, apart from being far from the truth, the argument is very weak,” he said.

Monkeypox develops slowly

After more than two years of living through the pandemic, it is understandable that news of the outbreak in several countries is causing concern.

However, health experts say that monkeypox is not like the coronavirus, even if many cases are reported in several countries.

“As surveillance expands, we expect more cases to be seen. But we need to put this in context because it’s not COVID-19,” said WHO technical lead for Covid-19, Dr Maria Van Kerkhove. New York TimesTuesday (24/5/2022).

He argues, viral transmission monkeypox from human to human is quite rare.

“Transmission really occurs from close physical contact, skin-to-skin contact. So it’s very different from covid in that sense,” Kerkhove said.

The virus can also be spread by touching or sharing infected items such as clothing and bedding, or through droplets produced by sneezing or coughing.

The coronavirus can spread through much smaller particles called aerosols with the ability to travel more than six feet. However, monkeypox is different.

There is no evidence to suggest that the monkeypox virus has evolved or become more infectious.

DNA viruses such as monkeypox are generally very stable and develop very slowly compared to RNA viruses

However, experts explain the recent increase in monkeypox cases is linked to human contact with animals, which is also known as zoonotic spillover.

This pattern of transmission has become more common in recent decades.

Researchers estimate that this is due to increasing urbanization and deforestation, so that humans and wild animals come into contact more often.

Some zoonotic virus-carrying animals, such as bats and rodents, have actually become more abundant, while others have expanded or adapted their habitats due to urban development and climate change.

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