Monkeypox cases continue to rise, San Francisco and New York declare health emergency

SRAGEN UPDATE – Case monkey pox increasingly worrying, even San Francisco issue an emergency health due to increase case monkey pox aka ‘Monkeypox’ in the city.

Not only San Francisco, New York also took similar steps on the same day, stating that the virus monkey pox it as a threat to health Public.

State of emergency health issued San Francisco and also followed New York The announcement was announced on Thursday, July 28, 2022, reported from the Biospace page by

Department of Health San Francisco so far have documented more than 250 case monkey pox aka ‘monkeypox’ in the city.

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About 30 percent of California’s nearly 800 infections, according to Dr. Susan Philip, officer health Public San Francisco.

In the state New Yorkthere are more than 1,300 case monkey pox recorded, more than a quarter of the total 4,600 case in the United States.

San Francisco demonstrated during COVID that early action is critical to protecting health the community,” said London Breed, mayor San Francisco.

“This local emergency will allow us to continue to support our most at-risk circumstances while also better preparing ourselves for what’s to come,” he added.

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