Monkey pox. More than 2,400 confirmed cases in France

According to health authorities, monkeypox virus has, at the beginning of May and the beginning of August 2022, infected a total of 2,423 people in France.

This number of cases made public by Public Health France on August 5, 2022is 468 higher than that recorded the previous week (1,955 cases on July 28).

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Ile-de-France particularly affected

These cases are still overwhelmingly located in Île-de-France. In total, 1,494 of the 2,400 French cases are located in the Paris region. Occitania, for its part, has seen 215 cases of monkey pox declare itself on its territory, when Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes has 179.

The western regions are less affected (38 cases in Pays de la Loire, 26 cases in Brittany28 cases in Normandy)

Almost all of the patients are men

“All cases identified to date are adult males, except 20 adult females and 2 children”explains Public Health France in its epidemiological point.

Furthermore, specifies, the agency, “96% of cases for which sexual orientation is given occurred among men who have sex with men”. Public Health France also notes that at least 369 of these cases involved people with HIV.

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47 people hospitalized

Among the cases investigated by Public Health France, “75% presented a genito-anal rash, 70% an eruption on another part of the body, 76% a fever and 72% lymphadenopathy”said the agency, about the symptoms of the disease.

Public Health France also indicates that 47 people had to be hospitalized (i.e. 2.9% of cases) after being infected with the virus. However, no deaths have been reported.

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